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Crypto-Exchange Solution Development

Development of International Exchange for CryptoCurrency

  • 01

    Partnership of blockchain technology from Korea’s professional blockchain company Tongbloc Inc. and ACX, 70% market share holder of Australian Cryptocurrency exchange

  • 02

    Launch of exchange which will not just improve flaws of existing exchanges such as frequent server malfunction, personal information leakage and customer service but also have the new blockchain based strengths

  • 03

    Provide convenient Cryptocurrency trading service on overseas exchanges easier than foreign fiat currency remittance through alliance servicing with various worldwide Cryptocurrency exchanges from Australia, Hong Kong, China etc. including domestic Korean exchanges.

* Global Cryptocurrency exchange network to be built : Alliance done for Foreign Currency Remittance, Cryptocurrency trading system with overseas exchange etc.

Relieve user dissatisfaction with Tongbloc Inc.

through its own blockchain technology expertise

Crypto-Exchange Solution Development

Automated System

Operated Management System

All Mining work and operations are to be conducted automatically

Remotely controlled if minor manual works are necessary

Deputized Operation Service

Deputized Operation service provided by joining KBM BLOC Mining Center

Stable electricity provided (1,000KW electricity supplied exclusively)

Optimal air-conditioning system

Professionally trained personnel on standby & monitoring to be carried out

24 Hour Help Desk

Help Desk run by professionally trained personnel available around the clock

Mining system trained staff to be on standby 24 hours

Remote control and online problem solving support

Travel service in occurance of emergency situation

Mobile Application provided

Mobile application capable of monitoring mining equipment in a glance to be provided

All mining operations and maintenance to be done automatically

Remotely controlled if minor manual works are necessary