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What is Mini-Blockchain?

Mini-Blockchain is a technology in order to identify IoT (Internet of Things) devices and solve counterfeit problems of data

Applicable target of Mini-Blockchain
  • Data from entry and control device
  • GPS Data from location positioning device
  • Image Data from CCTV device
  • Medical Data from hospital patient device
  • Data from car black box (Car surveillance camera)
  • Barcode data from manufacturing, distribution and sales device

Comparison of Cryptocurrency and Mini-Blockchain

Classification Bitcoin Mini Blockchain
Development objective Exchange trade, Currency exchange Business (Creating profit)
Type of Cryptocurrency Coin type Token type
Type of Blockchain Public Blockchain Private Blockchain
System aim Decentralized Centalized
Smart contract No support Support expected (Ver.2.0 and after)
mutual DB Support No Support General-purpose Support(SQL)
Areas capable to be used Can be used Globally Can be used Locally
System Expandability Very low Very high