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What is Blockchain?

  • Fundamental Technology of Cryptocurrency


    Safe and transparent online transaction ledger can actually be operated proven by using cryptographic technique and distributed network technology

  • Capable of shaking the global market

    Destructive Technology

    A technology revolution as if the invention of the internet led to an expansion of various services such as search engines, e-commerce and e-mail

  • Nearly impossible to counterfeit or manipulate

    Trade History can be shared

    All participants in the distributed network technology notarize the transaction details; so blockchain technology can perform an essential role in information sharing and financial transactions

Why Blockchain?

Through Cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology, your account balance, transaction details etc. can be managed safely and remain confidential.

  • Simple

    You can trade with anyone in the world safely, simply and entertainingly through cryptocurrency.

  • Cross-platform

    You can gain access to your cryptocurrency wallet whenever and wherever with all devices using Desktop PC, iOS and Android

  • Global

    Currency exchange can be done on more than 20 currencies including JPY, RUB, SGD, USD, CNY, EUR and GBP

  • Safe

    Protects your funds from unauthorized access