Incorporated. TONGBLOC

Capable Technology

Tongbloc Inc. can perform various types of technology

  • Still Image Processing

    Image processing technique that carries
    out various handling of images

  • Non Checking Cryptographic Technology

    AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) based Data Cryptographic Technology

  • Wireless Wi-Fi router based Intrusion Blocking Technology

    Basic technology whereby unauthorized access devices through wireless Wi-Fi routers are distinguished and intrusion blocking is checked

  • MCU Kill Switch Technology

    In emergency situations, functions of
    MCU (Micro Controller Unit) can be automatically
    cut off partially or fully

  • Prediction technology in
    Time Series Data

    Technology predicting Time Series Data using ‘Collectve Intelligence’

  • Network Attached Storage(NAS) Technology

    Technology to safely backup user data and conduct restoration if necessary in NAS system

  • Malware Vaccine Technology

    Continuously created malware programs can be intelligently prevented and effectively cut off

  • Hand Writing and OCR Technology

    Handwriting recognition and
    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology

  • Small-scaled Big Data collection,
    save and searching technology

    Technology where SMEs can create a highly efficient big data solution in reasonable low price.