Incorporated. TONGBLOC

CEO Greetings

Tongbloc Inc.
is the leading company opening the Blockchain era

The world beyond Korea has just started its major leap towards a new era in IT.
The financial paradigm is changing, walls in daily lives and industries are collapsing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been stepping into our lives changing the quality of living for consumers

Of several innovative technology that can change the world, Blockchain Technology surely stands out. Blockchain ensures limited anonymity but has transparent and independent functions, hence Blockchain is a new concept of technology whereby everyone connected with Blockchain can share information. While sharing great amount of information in our daily lives and forming a trustable network, time consumed and costs can be reduced at the same time so new industries and culture can be created.

Tongbloc Inc. had great interest and started to prepare itself in Blockchain technology since 2013. We are currently carrying out Blockchain businesses in various fields such as Technological research and development related to Blockchain, Product development, Solution development, Education, Media and many more.

Also, many related overseas companies in the industry from countries such as Japan, U.S.A, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore etc. are visiting our headquarters in Korea in order to collaborate, exchange ideas and conduct technical development with Tongbloc Inc. Many various projects are actively carried out even in this current moment.

We will not remain satisfied and we are currently preparing a Blockchain business that would surprise the world. We are diligently moving forward so we can materialize our efforts in the year 2020. We will continue to advance forward with a single thought in mind; that becoming the no. 1 company in the world is not a dream but an achievable target.

We hope you can carefully watch over Tongbloc Inc., a company always creating something new.
Thank you

CEO Lee Jin-Gil